Testimonial Allan Ferguson Omega Services

Check out this testimonial from Allan Ferguson the CEO of Omega Services (one of Australia’s largest service businesses)…

“Since Feb 2015, when BK Business Boosters implemented the IMS-Infusionsoft marketing autopilot platform at Omega, our customer service team have saved considerable time by virtually eliminating the double handling of customer data.

Our Customer Service Manager has also noticed a surge in positive feedback about the way we communicate with our customers. He said…

”they appreciate receiving an email with their technicians photo and other details, they like getting a follow up text to make sure he arrived on time, and when the job is finished, they are delighted having a call from customer service to make sure they are completely happy with every area of our service.”

And the beauty is… it’s all on autopilot.

I conservatively estimate this will save Omega at the very minimum, the cost of hiring an extra full time Customer Service Rep.

I also want to thank Brent Crowley and the team at BK Business Boosters for making it happen quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. To be honest, I was amazed at how little impact it had with our team.

Anyway, if this is something you are serious about, I recommend contacting Brent via email and he will give you the details”

Allan Ferguson
CEO Omega Services
CEO Service Professionals