Testimonial Mark Denning Fallon Solutions

Testimonial from Mark Denning Fallon Solutions

In June 2014 we made the decision at Fallon Solutions to change the way we priced our services. Until then we had been using a time and materials approach. However, with profit levels becoming increasingly challenging to maintain, we knew we must look at alternatives. Every now and then we would hear about prominent service providers, both here and overseas, having a lot of success using a flat rate pricing model.

However, in a business the size of Fallon’s, if you are looking at a major shift in strategy, it is essential your leadership team are all on the same page.

Initially our service managers within our plumbing, electrical and aircon divisions were a bit sceptical about heading down this path. So we decided to do some research, and after talking directly to other business owners, it was recommended that we meet with Brent Crowley at BK Business Boosters.

Right from that initial meeting, we knew that Brent had the right approach to help us implement the flat rate model. The implementation happened quickly, with very few hiccups, and there was a seamless transfer of knowledge.

It is now May 2015, and I am glad to say that we’ve required very minimal assistance with flat rate since then. I am even more glad to say that our revenue has increased by 35% and our profit margin has also improved.

If you are looking at using flat rate pricing within your business, I can highly recommend Brent Crowley.

Mark Denning
Managing Director
Fallon Solutions